Best Payout Slots in Ireland

Playing the best payout slots online in Ireland should not only be fun, it should be rewarding too. But it can take you a long time and a fair amount of money as well trying to find them under your own steam. That’s why we decided to lend you a helping hand by publishing our list of the best payout online slots to be found on the Web here in Ireland.

Our List of Ireland Online Casinos with the Highest Payout Slots

It is not the casinos that determine the highest payout online slots – it is the software providers. Each machine that a software provider creates has an inbuilt payout percentage. The same goes for other games, such as the classic casino table games. 

But what  Ireland online betting platforms do have control over is the range of games they offer. They can choose which machine will be a part of their library and which won’t. So, what we have done for you is compile a list of the platforms that have the widest spread of best online slots payout percentage machines for your gaming pleasure.The more machine types with higher percentage payouts, the more you stand to win, so please feel free to use the list published below.

Casino Bonus Visit
1 UP TO 2000EUR + 100 MEGA FS Play Now
2 €1 Min.dep - GET A BONUS UP TO 300 EUR Play Now
3 €1000 + 150 Free Spins Play Now
4 200% Matchup Bonus up to €3000 Play Now
5 €1000 + 125 FS Play Now
6 Three Deposits: 225% up to 800€ + 200 Free Spins Play Now
7 Get Up To $500 and 200 Spins Play Now
8 100% up to €100 Play Now
9 €1 Min.dep - 100% BONUS UP TO 200€ + 100 Free Spins Play Now
10 1000% Match Up Bonus Up To €1000 Play Now
11 100% BONUS UP TO 100 EUR + 100 FS Play Now
12 100% UP TO €120 PLUS 120 FREE SPINS Play Now
14 Up To 500 Free Spins on Starburst + 50FS with code GOLD Play Now
15 €1200+ 260 Bonus Spins Play Now
17 100% up to €100+100 free spins Play Now
18 €1100 + 375 Free Spins Play Now
19 100% bonus up to €100+30 FS Play Now
21 50% CASHBACK UP TO €400 Play Now

Our List of Best paying Slot Games by RTP 

For players who are more intent on tracking down a machine with the best payout rather than the casino that offers it, we have published a list of the machines with the best RTPs below. It makes it easier for you to find which slot machines pay the best at a glance, so again, please feel free to make regular use of it.

Our List of Best Paying Slots by Software Developer

Some software developers create more slot machines with a higher percentage payout than others. To make your quest for finding the slot machines with best odds even easier, we have compiled a list of these as well. Why not check it out?

Our List of Highest Payout Slot Machines by Jackpot Size

Will we stop at nothing to make your lie easier? It seems we won’t. We have also gone to the length of publishing a list of top payout machines dependent on the size of the jackpots you can win. So whatever your preferred search criteria – casino, best RTP slot, best software developer, or best jackpot machine, we’ve got you covered.

How the Percentage Payout of the Best Paying Online Slots is Calculated

Suppose you are an Irish gambler that takes their gambling seriously. In that case, you will probably be interested in how the software developers calculate the percentage payouts of the slot machines they design. We would like to explain that to you too.

RTP (Return to Player) Explained

Another way of describing the payout percentage of the highest payout casino slots is to use the expression “Return to Player,” or RTP for short. What these expressions all refer to is the average winnings a player will have returned to them in comparison to how much the player has bet in total.

The figure is expressed as a percentage. If, for example, the RTP of a certain machine was 100%, it would indicate that the player will win back exactly what he wagers, and the house would have no edge. Another example would be:

  • A given machine has an RTP of 97%
  • Over time, a player wagers £1,000 on that machine.
  • On average, the machine will return winnings of £970 to the player.

The important word to take note of here is “average.”

The Concept of the House Edge Explained

You will often hear players talk about the “house edge.” In this context, the house is the online casino in question, and the “edge” is the advantage that they hold over you, the player. In essence, the house edge and the RTP of slots with the highest payout percentage are the same thing but looked at in different ways.

As explained above, the RTP tells you on average how much of your total wager on a slot machine will be returned to you. The house edge tells you how much of your total wagering money the house will keep. It’s the same thing, just from a different viewpoint.

All games have these concepts built into them, and they always favour the house.

The Concept of Volatility Explained

Volatility (also referred to as “ variance”) is something you will encounter when you read a slot machine review. It refers to the regularity with which a machine pays out a winning line and the size of the money prize. The higher the volatility of the best payout slots online casinos offer, the less frequently that particular machine gives you a winning line.

A slot’s volatility falls into one of three categories:

  • Low volatility – A low volatility slot offers frequent wins, but the prize money is quite small.
  • Medium volatility – A medium volatility slot lands winning lines more often with a mixture of small and medium payouts.
  • High volatility – With high volatility slots, players can expect to wait seriously long times for a win, but when a win is landed, it is huge.

The Concept of Hit Frequency Explained

The concept of “hit frequency” describes the chances of landing a winning line, but it doesn’t take the size of the wager into consideration. 

When you are not paying the best payout slot games online and you wager on a single payline, you will win now and again. If, on the other hand, you bet on multiple paylines, you will win smaller amounts more often. 

Either way, the payout percentage will be the same, but you may get the impression that lady luck is on your side, whereas in reality, you could be wagering more than you are winning.

The Meaning of the Phrase “Loosest Slot Machines”

When Irish online gamblers talk about the “loosest” slot machines, they are referring to a type of machine that pays out more often, with a higher percentage of prize money. This is as opposed to “tighter” slot machines that have lower RTPs, and that pay out less frequently.

The looser a slot machine is, the better for the online gambler. It applies in conventional, bricks and mortar, land-based casinos too. It explains why you may often see advertisement hoardings displaying the message “the loosest slots in the area.”

The concept is similar to that of high hit frequency.

Where to Find the Best Payout Slots with the Lowest House Edge

Given all the helpful lists we have already told you you will find here on our website, it probably comes as little surprise to hear that we have also compiled and published a list of the highest payout online slots with the lowest house edge. You can check it out below.